2013: 1st National Cahors Sector 3 against 6.525 pigeons by our satellite loft Comb. Steenbeek & Zn. from de Bilt, achieved by 2010-1427773 grandchild of Donkere Barcelona x De Raket x Zuster Madonna; 2011: 1e National Cahors sector 3 against 9.276 pigeons. Our satellite loft Comb Steenbeek & zn from De Bilt won these National flight, the hen with ring number 2008-1309384 is an 50% decidant out of breeders : Blokje, De Brive en De Mof.


First Prize Pigeons did start officially in 20001 as an breeding centre and is situated in Keldonk and De Bilt. We (Evert Diepeveen and Roel van den Burg) dedicated us for the past 10 years mainly on breeding youngsters with specific qualities for the long distance and the one day long distance..

In 2017 there were 4 International / National victories achieved namely:
In 2016 there were 3 National victories achieved namely:

In 2015 there were 2 National / International victories achieved :

In total now 15 National / International victories achieved with pigeons from our breedingloft

To secure this specific qualities for the long distance we did bought 15 National / National N.P.O. winners (among them 3 Ace pigeons) in the past years.

For the one day long distance 7 National N.P.O winners (among them 1 Ace pigeon)




You can order children or grandchildren out of these pigeons.

Especially for the one day long distance we have bought :

When purchasing these winners the following criteria where handled in order to create the perfect pigeon specifically for long distance racing; intelligence and orientation, willpower, character, instinct, muscle quality, strength and volume, speed and the talent to be competitive at long distance see our purpose).


Our breeding centre aims for the following objective: breeding youngsters with the specific quality for (one day)long distance and overnight racing.

To "guarantee" these specific qualities by breeding, the breeders have to face the following criteria before they may stay in our breeding centre :


On our breeding centre are only 32 couples, these couples are formed from :

Our National winners or their children, can be coupled to grandchildren of the pigeons mentioned below.

Extra information :

Breeding results

To get an good overview of the results with the pigeons which where breed by us we would like to point you to references in the menu. The pigeons we breed are feed, so as we think the best feed, namely BEYERS (click on the logo for more information).

Satellite lofts

First Prize Pigeons has an collaboration with 2 satellite lofts. Click here for more information about our satellite lofts.


Satellite loft Comb.Steenbeek & Zn winner of 2 National flights.


DNA Guarantee

In order to give our customers the guarantee that the purchased youngsters are the children from the mentioned National Winners, along with the youngsters an DNA guarantee will be given. Free with all direct children, of which the selling price is over 500 euro according to the NOOK terms of delivery and guarantee terms (see: Order form)


A gen / Anti- acidification gen
LDHA, quality label for pigeons
In 2006 Polish scientist did find an genetic variation in the LDHA gen.
The favorable allele is more frequent present in the top segment of the pigeon sport.
This gen also known as the anti-acidification gen, is active in the process of degradation of lactic acid during effort and because of that it has influence on the endurance of the muscles, musculature and the oxygen uptake. See the article of Drs. Nanne Wolff in "Het Spoor der Kampioenen 2012"

The following National / National NPO Winners and children from these winners on our breeding loft have the A gen :

N.O.O.K. Foundation

Since August of 2003 till March 2009 Evert Diepeveen has been the chairman of this foundation:
Nederlands Overkoepelend Orgaan Kweekcentra (N.O.O.K.)
Evert was also the one which took the iniative in founding this foundation. Objective of this organization is to create guarantees and terms of delivery in favor of the customers.

First Prize Pigeons was the first and only breeding centre in the Netherlands which enclosed an DNA guarantee.
All N.O.O.K. certified breeding centre's will enclose an DNA guarantee with the ordered youngsters.